"Words can't express how powerful his words are... He is becoming the new phenom"- Devin T. Robinson X "Egypt"

"Thank you for speaking what needs to be said" - The Urban League of Fort Lauderdale

"Slin- K is one of the most talented, educated and wise men we’ve ever known, he has hosted many of our events, and discussions. He is very knowledgeable and a well-versed individual.  He carries himself as a gentleman, a master with words and can make you think. An excellent poet, writer and speaker, in 5 words Slin-K is a remarkable, gifted, well-educated, astute, and grounded young man, a powerhouse that cannot be over looked." - Mikerlande “Mickey” Erilus - President - Konbit Kreyol

Voted best presenter by the Students at FAASA 2012

Mr. Brownlee did an outstanding job speaking, and spoke on a lot of relevant topics.This session was extremely valuable to all student organization leaders. Speaker was engaging, to the point and so beneficial. All board members of any organizatoin should have been here. Great information. Please have this workshop again for other leaders – SBSLC Conference 2013

Every point(detriment) Mr. Brownlee brought up was valid whether it was specific to our organization or whether I had seen it in others. That really made me believe that he knew exactly what he was talking about and trust in his advice. His questioning of our currents actions really forced me to reevaluate my perception and ideology of student organizations. Mr. Brownlee did a stellar job. He was really captivating as he exposed the problems that plagued our student organization without previously knowing what those problems were.  - Florida Black Student Union Conference, UCF

Most Valuable part of the workshop was Johnny teaching us how to rebrand our student organizations, and teaching us how to get and keep people involved and that everyone in the organization has a job.  We really appreciated what you had to say, I hope that our leaders will take in what was said and act on it. He answered all of our questions, some that were not asked and some we didn’t even know to ask.Everything was Valuable because the information did not only relate to the organization, but also to the future business owner, administrators managers, etc. - United Hatian Students of Florida, 2015

The most valuable aspect of the workshop was that he was very relatable and kept it real.  He showed how the problems relate to the world, not just student organizations. The best part was the breakdown of the six problems that every organization faces, and how they relate to our organization.  It was perfect! The timing was great, the presentation and facts were clear, it was light and humorous but also knowledge filled while dealing with some heavy topics. This was an overall awesome presentation! - Club Creole at University of Florida

Teaching us how to get and keep people involved and that everyone in the organization has a job.  He taught us how to reposition our organizations on campus. The stories from his experiences working in an organization were super relatable. It was funny, informative, useful and inspiring.  - Haitian Student Association at Florida International University

He answered all of our questions, some that were not asked and some we didn’t even know to ask. -Haitian Cultural Club of Tallahassee

There were clear concise points that were hit, that are easily applicable to our organization. He was very relatable. The advice on how to get members involved was top notch. - Rasine Kreyol at University of North Florida

The 6 points were very accurate, very useful and presented with passion; we felt the sincerity. He helped relate the material to us in a very real way and started the wheels in our head to turning about how to apply the information and ideas to our organization immediately. The cooperation aspect was most valuable - Esans Kreyol at Nova Southeastern University

He touched every aspect of what an effective organization should look like, feel like and do. He was absolutely amazing and definitely recommend bring him back for next year! - Haitian Inter-Cultural Association, Inc. at Barry University



Awards and Honors

- (BSU) Organization of the year as Voted by the FAU University Press, Office of Student ctivities and Council of Student Organizations (COSO)- 2005

- (BSU) Agency of the Year 2005 -

- Director of the Year ( BSU) 2005 -Nominated

- 2005 Talon Award ( outstanding leadership and service) - Nominated

-Voted best presenter by the Students at FAASA 2012

- Independent Publisher Award 2014 - Nominated






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